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Memory9 - Red Falcon EP
12" Vinyl
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Red Falcon EP

Mnemonic Dojo

Released: 16th December 2013 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Label boss Memory9 (aka Gadi Sassoon) is proud to announce the release of RED FALCON EP, his third Mnemonic Dojo drop.

The EP's four tracks move between influences as varied as jungle, jazz, hip hop and footwork. Elements of traditional composition and instrumental performance are audible throughout the record, woven over Memory9's familiar collage of basslines, beats, samples and sound design. This combination pushes Memory9's signature sound into now territory, exploring a range of musical ideas inspired by the colour red, dreams of desert planets, blood, lust and dust. As a disclaimer, Memory9 wants everyone to know he is colourblind.

Dusty Red strikes a balance between dancefloor beats, lush harmonies and melancholy vocal melodies. A bassy, clean-cut 170 BPM half-time number, it's the kind of track that can slay a big rig while retaining the simple power of a good song.

Portals is the playful one, with mutated traditional Chinese string instruments cut up over Memory9's trademark basslines, and some out of grid stuff against razor-sharp 175 BPM half-time beats.

The Dodecahedron draws on jazz ideas set to 12/8 hip hop and jukey riddims, with Memory9's guitar skills taking centre stage. It elaborates on the 80/160 BPM dear to the jungle juke lot, with a very strong live twist.

Bloodlines reflects Memory9's ongoing fascination with footwork, polyrhythms of live instrumentation and MPC cut up vocals, with 80/160 BPM jukey beats driving a gentle multilayered composition.

Memory9's Red Falcon EP is available digitally as well as on a limited edition picture disc 12 vinyl designed by Memory9's long time artistic collaborator Andren.

"Exceptionally high-end, a confident slice of futuristic beat work"
"Perfect for sound-tracking a dystopian future"
Vice Noisey
"Quite an enlightening experience in any standard, a prodigious bleep-freak."
Clash Music
"Memory9 made me one of the finest risotto dishes, casually just for a quick lunch. His music reflects this."
Om Unit, Metalheads, Civil Music
"“Big new sounds from Memory9, heavy!”"
Kidkanevil, First Word, Project: Mooncircle
"Memory9 cooking up future beats like eggy treats!"
DJ Cheeba, Solid Steel
"Shit is retardedly sick, I love it!"
DJ Vadim, Ninja Tune, Jazz Fudge
"The sound you can imagine being played ten years into the future."